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Katamari Wedding

Our wedding is going to be geeky – but this wedding totally outshines any geekiness I could muster:  a Katamari Damacy themed wedding!  (here is the Wikipeida article if you don’t know about Katamari yet)


Check out more!


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Last night I made a sample boutineer.  I learned some valuable lessons about making flowers out of clay:

  • Everybody warns about overworking the clay.  Underworking it is just as bad – it makes the texture odd.
  • A little pigment goes a LONG way
  • No matter how much you want to – DO NOT work with the flowers until they are completely dry
  • Remember to order green clay for the stems when placing the whole order.

So, here it is – my first boutineer!  Brought to you in blurry camera phone splendor!  I made each of the mistakes I warned against above, so don’t judge me too harshly :o)




I had planned not to do dice in the little flowers, but I might change my mind on that….we’ll have to see.

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Park Found!

Mom found an awesome little park that is perfect for photo taking before the ceremony.  I’ll have to get permission, but it should be free.  It’s not extremely close to the venue, but close enough (107th and Thunderbird and the venue is at 95th and Peoria)

Mom drove me by there today and I took some pictures with my phone.  Check ’em out!  (Click for larger photos…but not that large, what do you want from my phone?!)

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  Here are some updates:

  • Our engagement session will be August 1st.  We are very excited to get our pictures done at the Science Center, and will post those as soon as we have them.
  • I ordered some more clay to make an official bouquet/boutineer mock up.  I’ve decided to put off making the actual flowers until closer to the day so that they won’t get dusty, but I want to make sure I know what I’m doing when that time comes.

So this has been a pretty quiet time.  Let me part with pictures from the awesome Ewok invitations posted recently on Offbeat Bride.  So cool.

Ewok Front

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Engagement Photos

Our package with the incredibly awesome Sphinxx Photography includes an engagment session!  I’ve been mulling over our location options – and the perfect one finally occurred to me – the Science Center!

Where else can we combine fun props, awesome architecture, and pretty park all in one location?

Check it out:




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Random Musings

Thank you to everybody who let me ramble on about wedding plans at the family reunion.  You are all loved!

While I was suck in Denver airport for like a bazillion hours these last few days I have had some chances to muse over wedding issues.  Here are some random thoughts generated:

  • I need to find an officiant and fast.  This is a subject that I need to stop stressing about and the only way for me to do that is to get it figured!
  • I had planned to not start sewing until after I had lost some weight, but it is probably a good idea to start working on my muslins soon.  If nothing else it will help me figure what works and what doesn’t work – and help me start estimating fabric costs.
  • I need to work on the bridesmaid’s dresses.  I think I will make a trial party dress for myself that will be finished/wearable, since it’s easiest to size for myself.  Then one for Shannon to see how it looks.  I am still having trouble finding fabric for them so it’s time to order more samples!
  • I received my miniature dice in today.  Decoclay is having a sale on the 20-27th so I’m going to order more clay and get practicing.  I think I’m going to put off making the final bouquets for a while yet – a year is a long time to leave something like that in storage and hope nothing goes wrong.
  • June 12 is the date for sure – my mom has put the deposit on the venue!  She says she also found the perfect pre-wedding photo locale.  She’ll take me by when she gets back in town.
  • I’m thinking of making a more traditional wedsite to compliment this blog.  The wedsite would include reservation information for out-of-town guests, RSVP info, rehearsal dinner locale, basic timelines, faq, etc.  As much fun as this blog is – people have to dig to find relevant information.  Besides – I make websites – it’d be silly not to make one for this.

Anyway – that’s plenty of rambling for now!  Now that I’ve fully mentioned doing a traditional wedsite I’m sure one will be up in days 🙂

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