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We finally got the invitations working!  I’m not going to post pictures until a few days after they are mailed so we don’t ruin the surprise.

Be on the lookout!  We’ll finish printing and sending in the next few days.


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Update Time!

Hello folks!

It’s clear I’ve entered the stage where I’m working more on the wedding itself than updating the blog

A few fun updates!

  • We have found our cake designer!  A pair of cousins (a baker and designer) are going to team up to provide our two-tier cake.  We will be meeting with them in the next few weeks to talk about what we want; but we’re going to have them surprise us with the final design!
  • The dress is coming along smashingly.  My silk should be arriving today, and I’m excited about the patterns.  There have been a few challenges, but I am confident the dress will be beautiful and done in time for the wedding.
  • We plan to send invitations out this weekend.  We’re having a few challenges with the design, but we are sure it will turn out in the end.
  • The ceremony is written, and we will be meeting with the pastor at the end of the month to hash out details.
  • For budget reasons we’ve decided to tone down the candy bar and make it more of a delightful end feature to the buffet.  We’re honing in on menu choices!

I’ll post pictures of dress progress as it happens!

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