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Update Time!

Hello folks!

It’s clear I’ve entered the stage where I’m working more on the wedding itself than updating the blog

A few fun updates!

  • We have found our cake designer!  A pair of cousins (a baker and designer) are going to team up to provide our two-tier cake.  We will be meeting with them in the next few weeks to talk about what we want; but we’re going to have them surprise us with the final design!
  • The dress is coming along smashingly.  My silk should be arriving today, and I’m excited about the patterns.  There have been a few challenges, but I am confident the dress will be beautiful and done in time for the wedding.
  • We plan to send invitations out this weekend.  We’re having a few challenges with the design, but we are sure it will turn out in the end.
  • The ceremony is written, and we will be meeting with the pastor at the end of the month to hash out details.
  • For budget reasons we’ve decided to tone down the candy bar and make it more of a delightful end feature to the buffet.  We’re honing in on menu choices!

I’ll post pictures of dress progress as it happens!


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It’s official!  The outfits for the guys are going to be BYO Dark Suit – and we’ll pick out the shirts/ties.

Speaking of ties, I stumbled upon this Etsy store a while ago and thought the ties were super awesome looking.  Then it dawned on me that we have a screen printer!  I think custom ties for the guys might be super-awesome.  Maybe polyhedral dice?  Maybe we do a line art version of whatever iconic D&D class they are in the program?  So many possibilities!

In the meantime – check out the awesomeness that is silk-screened ties!




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Fabric Samples

I got more fabric samples today, and I finally found a silver I like.  Plus, the same company makes super hott purple and a nice deep red as well.  I still have more samples coming, but so far doing the dress in the purple is leading the way.  The scan totally doesn’t do the fabric justice.


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More Dress Revisions

I have received some awesome input on dress revisions.  I think what I’m going to be doing instead of ending the silver overskirt short is make a cut-away like this:

Of course it wouldn’t be quite like that because the top is completely different – but that would be the idea for the skirt part.

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Dress Revisions

I’ve been having some trouble with my thoughts about my dress.  Let me re-post a picture and I’ll outline my troubles:

dressHere are my thoughts:

  • I like the idea of using silver organza for the lower part of the skirt, so that the underskirt shows through.  However – I am not finding any silver organza that I like.  It just doesn’t drape right, or it’s too sparkly or too cheap looking.  
  • I am not very fond of the layer style of the skirt  – I don’t like the edging, but I can’t think of how to do it differently with the organza layers.  I like how it gets easier and easier to see through, but I just don’t think i like the gathers/edges.

I’m thinking of changing the skirt to be of the same material as the bodice, and then have it end some inches short to reveal the underskirt underneath – like colored tulle, only it wouldn’t flounce out because it wouldn’t be an actual petticoat.  I’m looking for the same line and flow as the original dress.    

I’m picturing it like this only the original length – and with silk instead of tulle.


What do you think?

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Fabric Samples

I found my underdress fabric!  Today I got several samples from – and the red dupioni silk is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the under dress.  I also got samples of the silver chiffon (terrible!) the silver crystal organza (close, but too too sparkly for my taste), and lavender dupioni (not quite vibrant enough color).

Here is a picture of the red dupioni and crystal organza.  My cell phone totally doesn’t do the color justice.


For those of you unfamiliar with dupioni silk – here’s the jazz.  Dupioni is a shimmering silk that is created by weaving silkthreads of two different colors into a weave that seems to change colors as the silk is moved around in different lights.  Because it is a natural fabric it has occasional flaws which will be perfect for our more natural/casual feeling wedding.  It doesn’t wrinkle very much, and is cool in summer (just think – places like India are where dupioni is traditionally worn)

So excited!  I went on another swatch-ordering spree – this time at  Fun times!

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Convertible Dress Update

So both of the bridesmaids are approving of the convertible dresses, but I have had my reservations.  My primary concern was that there was no support and so I was worried that everybody would feel like they were falling out of their dress.  I was also sad that I couldn’t find an interesting way to get both wedding colors in there without making it all half and half colors.  Until Etsy came along!

There is an etsy seller who makes the convertible dresses that had the great idea of pairing a tube top.  I love the idea – this way we can sew in some support and they don’t have to worry about their backs hanging out to the world.  And we can make the tube top portion the contrasting color!  Heck yah!



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