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Update Time!

Hello folks!

It’s clear I’ve entered the stage where I’m working more on the wedding itself than updating the blog

A few fun updates!

  • We have found our cake designer!  A pair of cousins (a baker and designer) are going to team up to provide our two-tier cake.  We will be meeting with them in the next few weeks to talk about what we want; but we’re going to have them surprise us with the final design!
  • The dress is coming along smashingly.  My silk should be arriving today, and I’m excited about the patterns.  There have been a few challenges, but I am confident the dress will be beautiful and done in time for the wedding.
  • We plan to send invitations out this weekend.  We’re having a few challenges with the design, but we are sure it will turn out in the end.
  • The ceremony is written, and we will be meeting with the pastor at the end of the month to hash out details.
  • For budget reasons we’ve decided to tone down the candy bar and make it more of a delightful end feature to the buffet.  We’re honing in on menu choices!

I’ll post pictures of dress progress as it happens!


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Table settings

OMG – less than 6 months away!  I’m not working right now so I have lots of time to spend on wedding stuffs.  Fun times!

I worked on my table settings today.  Shannon came with me and by the end was like “I like the white ones…lets just get the white ones.  Yes, these white ones are great. ”  She’s awesome.  I think she’s going to be the voice of reason and “just do it” that my waffling self needs.

So, we ended up getting the white plates  🙂  Came home today and made a shrinky dink horde logo to finish it off!  I think I’ve never loved a plate as much as I love this one:

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Love Cake

This cake was featured on cakewrecks a few days ago (not as a wreck…as a nice cake).  i had to share.


I’m not sure if I’ve shared this yet – we have decided to go to the Art Institute of Phoenix for our cake needs.  We are going to post a job on their job board asking for a “surprise me” cake.  We will tell the cake designer that we want something along the spirit of our wedding, and how many people, and have them surprise us on the day of.   Of course, no chocolate.

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I had always assumed we would put plates and cultery at the front of the buffet line, but after seeing this awesome table setting I can’t resist!


I’m picturing putting either a red or purple tablecloth on each table.  Then, on the plastic plates we’ll take an oversized paper napkin folded in half in the opposite color with the cultery, with a purple/red fabric holding it all together.  Totally cute – and it will only cost us the fabric more to make it all pretty.




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d20 candy

So – Alchaun and I have been very much enjoying the molding of things.  He made a cast of a badger mini and made a clear acryllic badger. It’s so cool.  

So we got to talking, and we are going to make dice candy – which we can use for the candy buffet!  Turns out, gummy candies are incredibly easy to make.  And we can make suckers, chocolates, hard candies, just about anything!  So exciting!

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Skittles Dyed Champagne

I was wandering the interwebs and saw this super cute idea – skittles dyed champagne!


We’re not planning to serve alcohol at the wedding (it’s too expensive and the wedding will be more lunch time anyway).  But, I’m sure we will have some sparkling cider and I think this would be adorable.

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We’re planning to post an ad at some of the culinary schools looking for a student to make our cake.  We are going to have him or her surprise us, just as we do with so much of our food.  We will specifiy a budget, number of guests, and tell them a bit about us (no chocolate!) and we’ll let them go from there.
I considered doing our own cupcakes, but it seems like we’ll have enough work to do the days before without baking/decorating a million cupcakes.  But, if we were doing our own cupcakes, this sure would have been a cute way to go:


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