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Table settings

OMG – less than 6 months away!  I’m not working right now so I have lots of time to spend on wedding stuffs.  Fun times!

I worked on my table settings today.  Shannon came with me and by the end was like “I like the white ones…lets just get the white ones.  Yes, these white ones are great. ”  She’s awesome.  I think she’s going to be the voice of reason and “just do it” that my waffling self needs.

So, we ended up getting the white plates  🙂  Came home today and made a shrinky dink horde logo to finish it off!  I think I’ve never loved a plate as much as I love this one:


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Love Cake

This cake was featured on cakewrecks a few days ago (not as a wreck…as a nice cake).  i had to share.


I’m not sure if I’ve shared this yet – we have decided to go to the Art Institute of Phoenix for our cake needs.  We are going to post a job on their job board asking for a “surprise me” cake.  We will tell the cake designer that we want something along the spirit of our wedding, and how many people, and have them surprise us on the day of.   Of course, no chocolate.

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Awesome Invitation

Totally cute and subtle!


For those not familiar – the logos at the bottom are for the horde faction in World of Warcraft.

I have to do something like this now.  I just have to.

October 9, 2009 at 12:19 am 1 comment

d20 Candle!

We got our silicone over the weekend and had some fun creating molds yesterday. We learned some things (ratio by volume and by weight are different, watch for air bubbles, be extra sure the wick is in the center…) but we got some fun results for our first try.

I couldn’t find our good camera yesterday but I just had to post today, so here is a crappy picture taken with my phone:


There are some imperfections where there were air bubbles – have to figure out how to fix that.  Maybe pound it against the counter to let it settle like you do with a cake…  

For the numbers I had some gold buff left over from my harry potter wands, so I rubbed that in and buffed it out.  It made the numbers come out pretty nice (but also highlighted the air bubbles 🙂

Next time I’m going to try a darker red and silver buff to match the wedding.  So jazzed!

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d20 Candles

Now I’m all excited about making d20 candles.  Turns out making a candle mold isn’t that hard!  Check it out!



We can totally do that with one of those huge d20s and use them for favors, decor, you name it!

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Shower Favors!

Alchaun was reading his Twitter feed yesterday and Wil Wheaton mentioned Geeky Clean soaps – soaps with d20s in them.soap

 Alchaun suggested that we find a way to use them for the wedding – and I agree.  However – I’ve never actually used a specialty soap in my life, and I don’t think I’m going to be starting now.  So – we were thinking of turning it into d20 candles! Pitt and Maleah gaave me candle making supplies for Christmas along with an awesome book – so there has to be a way to make d20 candles.  I wonder if we could make candles shaped like d20s….something to ponder….

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Inspriation Board

So apparently it is trendy amongst brides these days to put together “inspriation boards” with pictures of things that have the look and feel they are going for.  I had a few moments so I put one together too.  You know me – so trendy! (Update:  The picture here is kind of small, so here is a link to the full size)



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